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Spring in Colorado

Welcome Spring!
Here are some random shots from my back yard.

2015-02-27 Spring 2015 005
Lilac buds.  Sitting outside one evening this weekend, we could almost watch the trees and bushes leaf out.  It was gorgeous.  Also, buds from my fruitless cherry (?) tree.

2015-02-27 Spring 2015 007

2015-02-27 Spring 2015 002

2015-02-25 Spring 2015 065
This elusive fellow is a bald eagle flying above my pasture.  When I go to the area that I know their nest to be, I am blocked by signs saying that none shall past … until the eaglets are fledglings.  I’ve zoomed in on this eagle.  I had the wrong lens on my camera and was completely unprepared to be taunted in such a way.

A few nights prior, I was driving my car when one flew over and in front of me.  This is the usual way they taunt me, make sure I see them but have no ability to take a photo.

I supposed I will need a new conquest if I ever do get a decent photo of a Bald eagle.  Perhaps an owl in flight.  They frequent my neighborhood in the Spring and Fall, hopefully scooping up the veritable bunny buffet in this area.

I hope Spring reaches the northeastern US sometime soon.  Meanwhile, our days are more and more gorgeous here in Colorado.


A Winter Walk

Hardly winter at all.
It’s 65F and sunny, with not a cloud in the sky.  Great day to explore a new part of the Poudre River Trail.  Not a lot of color so I played with textures instead.
Winter walk 008

Winter walk 010 Winter walk 014

This is why I am not enamored of this stretch of trail.  All rotting hay or industrial park,

Winter walk 019

Does anyone else see a face on the photo below?

Winter walk 020

Winter walk 027

Long’s Peak in the distance.
Winter walk 033

Winter walk 041

No wildlife to be seen.  Few birds to be heard.  I suppose that stretch of trail is simply too industrial, even though the parking area calls it the “Kodak Watchable Wildlife Area”.  The industrial park is the old Eastman Kodak building.  No loss of irony there.

Still, a truly fantastic February day.  Around here, winter doesn’t seems to start until mid to late February.  We should be dropping below freezing and getting a pile of snow any day now.


So no one wanted to get interactive with my last post.  That’s cool.  You don’t know where I’ve been.  And you might want to sanitize your ear.

You’re all probably out enjoying a gorgeous summer Saturday instead of focusing on writer’s block.

So I made cookies instead of reading what you didn’t write.  Because I was gonna read the hell outta that stuff.

Choc Chip Cookies 001 Choc Chip Cookies 002

This isn’t a recipe post.   Or a recipe blog, for that matter.  It says “Cooking”,  not “Sharing recipes”, though I might do that too.   However, if you don’t know how to make chocolate chip cookies by the time you can get on the intrawebs and read blogs written by total strangers, well, you simply need to go get yourself a cope of “The Joy of Cooking” pronto.  Like now.  Right this second.  Go on!

Choc Chip Cookies 003

Nestle is the evil empire.  Don’t buy Nestle.  I don’t know WTF I was thinking.  These people want to charge everyone on the planet for water.  And during California’s drought, they are still bottling water from springs in the drought zones.  That’s ridiculous.  And unregulated.  And awful, unconscionable, and just plain evil.  I have no idea why I gave them $5 when there are other brands of chocolate chips out there that are just as good if not better.

Choc Chip Cookies 005

Just eggs, nothing to see here.

Choc Chip Cookies 006

I opted for one stick of butter since the recommended two made my cookies all melt half to death.  Some people like flat buttery crispy cookies.  I like mine a little fluffier.

.Choc Chip Cookies 007

Choc Chip Cookies 008

If you are anything at all like me (and who isn’t)  you probably need a reminder to plug in your mixer.  Because the thing seriously doesn’t work when it’s not plugged in.  That’s just annoying.


Choc Chip Cookies 009


Choc Chip Cookies 010

Cookies!  Yummy delicious warm out of the oven drops of heaven cookies!

And you can’t have any because you wouldn’t get jiggy with my interactive post.

That’ll teach you.