A Winter Walk

Hardly winter at all.
It’s 65F and sunny, with not a cloud in the sky.  Great day to explore a new part of the Poudre River Trail.  Not a lot of color so I played with textures instead.
Winter walk 008

Winter walk 010 Winter walk 014

This is why I am not enamored of this stretch of trail.  All rotting hay or industrial park,

Winter walk 019

Does anyone else see a face on the photo below?

Winter walk 020

Winter walk 027

Long’s Peak in the distance.
Winter walk 033

Winter walk 041

No wildlife to be seen.  Few birds to be heard.  I suppose that stretch of trail is simply too industrial, even though the parking area calls it the “Kodak Watchable Wildlife Area”.  The industrial park is the old Eastman Kodak building.  No loss of irony there.

Still, a truly fantastic February day.  Around here, winter doesn’t seems to start until mid to late February.  We should be dropping below freezing and getting a pile of snow any day now.


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