DeTox – Day 16 The Long Term Plan and a Poll

This Facebook cold turkey thing has been a big failure … I cheat a lot.

It’s also been a success … I don’t post nearly as much as I used to post.

And it’s been a little bit of a heart break, to see so few people follow me over here.

I suspect that’s not all personal.

I suspect the world we live in is a busy, frantic, information filled, exceptionally exhausting one presently.  We have politics to consider, jobs to secure, families to feed, homework to do, scripts to write, marathons to run, dogs to walk, cats to herd, motorcycles to ride, music to play, movies to watch, games to enjoy, novels to outline, life to live.

I never planned for this blog to be daily forever.  I simply don’t have time for that.  School starts soon, I’ve ordered some books, and I have a ton of reading and writing about to land on my desk.  I will start seeing clients within a month.  I need my headspace clear to focus on them and their needs.

I do plan on blogging forever though.  Probably once a week.  I want to sharpen my writing skills again, and 2 line Facebook posts just don’t do that in a meaningful way.  I also may try a video blog now and again – If I can get my office cleaned and arrange some decent lighting.  It won’t be a themed blog.  It will be more of the Capturing, Cooking, and Creating I’ve been doing this past couple of weeks.  I love photography.  Cooking has it’s moments.  And life is Creation.

Is there anything you would like to see here?  More photos?  More politics?  Vegetarian recipes?  Weight loss/exercise information?  Feminism?  Sex?  Drugs?  Rock and roll?

Let me know!


One thought on “DeTox – Day 16 The Long Term Plan and a Poll”

  1. First of all — I’m reading here. And, I suppose I have to thank Facebook for allowing me to find you here!

    For what it’s worth, I still prefer “complete sentences and full paragraphs” to the quickie status messages and comments of Facebook. I’m still over at Live Journal where I am choosing a more in depth way of communicating, and it’s sad that it’s becoming a ghost town compared to how it was back 5 years ago.

    People complain that they “don’t have time” for blogging — that it’s too much trouble to write full entries. Yet — if you consider the huge amount of time people spend on Facebook, there would STILL be time to write more fully AND spend SOME time on Facebook. I don’t hate facebook, and believe it has it’s value. I’ve met (and reconnected) with so many there. Yet, I also believe to achieve that purpose, we don’t have to spend QUITE the amount of time there that many of us do (including me!).

    What would I like to hear more of here? FWIW – I love this detox series (despite the fact that the detox is not totally working), and will miss it when you go back to school. I wouldn’t change a thing, except to add photos to compliment your text on occasion — but don’t give up the text and the more in depth thoughts on “daily life”. Actually, it’s my opinion that “daily life” affords lots of opportunities for interesting in depth commentary, if we allow ourselves to think more deeply about it.

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