DeTox – Day 12 – The list, oh, yeah, the LIST…

There are many things I have discovered over the past 12 days.

For one thing, I don’t actually do enough research on a lot of the memes I repost on Facebook.  That is not a good thing.  Also – I post way too much.  And it sucks up my life.  Without all that senseless activity, time has slowed down for me.  Instead of days flying by as I sit glued to my computer, they flow slowly and have variety.

So what have I gotten done?

– I did respond to my colleague.
– I have not yet applied for licensing, but I did find the paperwork – by accident when cleaning the desk.
– I did have an appointment to update my resume so I could apply for jobs, but I have done nothing on that since.
– The birthday cards – one was a total fail … I still have a chance on the other.
– I had no money to do any of the shopping for the kid or myself, because the ex has decided to go all loosey-goosey on child support payments.
– I did contact both friends, both plans fell to shreds.
– I did finish the photo book for our family vacation, and that should arrive any day now.
– I have no finished downloading the borrowed CDs.  (There are 20 of them, gimme a break)
– I have worked on study note cards off and on the whole time.
– Have not sorted university mail into folders – forgot I was even going to do that.
– Fridge – yeah – wrote a rant on that.
– A few loads of laundry done.
– Blogging daily, only a couple of times more than once a day.
– No work on my novel at all.  But the blogging is sort of novel training.
– Could not prepare for school without any money, though I did get my schedules written up.
– Did not make hotel res for distance class, another meeting that fell through.
– Did check GPA, still eligible for the Honor Society, need to figure out how to get an application.
– Did not make doc appointments
– Attempted to weed garden, but weeds are now trees with roots down to China.

I have been taking more photos.  I rarely allow myself photo time, it feels selfish and frivolous.  Yet it is vital for my mental well being, so I’ve been doing as much as I can.  This is the moon from the other night.

Moon 003


Okay – it is time to follow through on some of the items on that list!
Have a great day!


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