DeTox Day 11 – More from Fossil Ridge

 It’s close.  It’s quiet.  It has aquatic birds.  It’s a tiny slice of heaven.

AND … I want to get a photo of pelicans fishing.

I have to walk this trail to get to the “blind”.  They have signs saying that if you want to see wild life, you have to be very quiet, but the path is crunchy loud gravel.  So I either walk on the weeds, or I walk very slowly.  Neither method is very effective in keeping things quiet.

 Fossil Ridge 001


I finally got my pelican on the water shot.  I got several, actually.

Which made it clear that my Nikor 55-200 lens in sadly inadequate.  

But I got my shot, so I’m happy.  For now.


Fossil Ridge 017There are regular old ducks there too.  They seem to be the most skittish of the birds.  The Western Kingbirds fly around me like mosquitoes, zooming through the blind, taunting me with their speed.  If they’d pipe down, I’d have dome gorgeous photos of them, but they are only interested in proving they are faster than my focus, even on automatic.

Fossil Ridge 025


I also saw a wolf spider in the blind, but I’ll spare you that photo.  It was also pretty fast and my picture is focused on it’s legs so it’s body is a blur.  Wolf spiders are frightening to look at but they eat moths, and moths are my natural enemy, so that makes wolf spiders peachy fine with me…when they are 6 or more feet away from my body.


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