August De-Tox – Day One

Dryish 001

The Today Show suggested that August be a month for “de-toxing” from things with which we have a problem putting down.  This means activities, foods, or mentalities that we are seemingly addicted to, that are simultaneously toxic for our bodies, minds or lives.  Some people were going to abstain from shopping, or sodas, or technology.  One woman was going to de-tox herself regarding negative self-talk about her body, because it was having an affect on her five year old daughter.

While it is tempting for me to de-tox from technology altogether, there are some roadblocks for doing that at this time.  For one thing, I am a full time Master’s student and I simply need my computer and my smart phone to write, read, and create projects with classmates.  For another, I am working on de-cluttering my life, and some of that involves scanning documents or photos, and creating a photo book via an online publishing program.  I also track my food and activity on line through FitBit, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo, and I don’t intend to stop.  Finally, I know my limits.  If I can’t use technology at all, I will likely become a crabby unhappy person.  I don’t think my family would appreciate that.  

Instead, I am going to abstain from using Facebook.  No endless scrolling for new posts, no re-posting of news, politics, memes.  No games.  No trivial posts hoping for funny responses.  No Facebook chatting.  No Facebook.

The rules are simple.  

I will not look at Facebook at all; not on my personal computer, school computers, Nook, or Smartphone.
I will put $1.00 in the box on my desk for each transgression, if I transgress.  (This may be increased if transgressions occur.)
I will allow myself one blog post per day to track the productivity that has occurred in the time formerly spent on Facebook.
I will not substitute Twitter or Google+ for Facebook.

I have made myself a list of things I need to accomplish.  These things range from correspondence, licensure application, and cleaning to applying for jobs and shopping for necessities.  I intend to return to the ways I used to do things; sending out actual birthday cards instead of Facebook greetings, using note cards for study, and keeping my files organized.  It’s clear to me that Facebook has allowed me to ignore the simplest and most basic of chores and I want to remedy that.  I may include this list tomorrow.  Today, I am working on crossing items off the list, or at least making a dent in them.

What I hope to have accomplished by September 1st is peace of mind, peace of space, and freedom from a social media addiction that has lasted nearly fifteen years in one for or another.


3 thoughts on “August De-Tox – Day One”

  1. So … THIS is where you’ve gone! LOL. I wasn’t around for the beginning of August, as *I* was (for the most part) “unplugged” in Maine.. Now that I’m home, I now find you here, and it’s a much better, more sane place, thankyouverymuch! 🙂 I much prefer complete sentences and full paragraphs which brings much more depth to relationships.

    Leaving technology is difficult as it’s difficult to put the worms back in the can. The key is balance, and in some ways I see it as more difficult than going away cold turkey. It requires self control: knowing when to engage, then knowing when to pull the plug. The friends I’ve met online I cannot – and will not – give up, just not at the expense of “real life”.

    I remain on Live Journal – but need to revive my Worldpress blog, too, highlighting my photography. The time it would take to do that I could unplug some more from Facebook!

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